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The Team

Star's Rat Rescue Team

Star's Rat Rescue is a small group of amazing people! Our love for rats and helping others was the deciding factor in opening Star's Rat Rescue. We started our rescue in early 2008 as there was a big need for a rescue in South Dakota, we had many people contacting us to rescue their rats and find them new loving and forever homes!

Star's Rat Rescue takes in rats that people can no longer care for, due to allergies, moving or whatever the reason and re-home them to loving forever homes. We run completely off of donations from our adopters, our online store, and out of our own pocket.

Newly rescued rats are keep in quarantine for 2-3 weeks before being able to be adopted out, to make sure there are no illnesses that need to be addressed. This is a Pre-caution we take with all rats!

Because SRR is a small and private rescue, we can only take in so many rats. We do our best and take in as many as possible and if SRR is unable to take in rats, we will help find them good homes.

We hope to be able to re-home as many "rescues" as possible and with the on-going support and commitment from the public and adopters we will be able to care for more Rats. However, we will not euthanase healthy animals just so we can rescue more. If SRR is unable to re-home we will personally keep those rescues for the rest of their natural lives.


Note: Star's Rat Rescue is now Tax Exempt under section 501(c)3! We really appreciate your support!  

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